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More dates ahead, more reviews...

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Summer shows have been crazy, sweaty fun so far. Thank you all for coming out! We've added on to the summer into fall on our mini tour schedule. After our upcoming shows in Sacramento (8/16), Carson City (8/17) and San Francisco (8/22) in September we will be heading down to Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico for a couple of shows at C3 Stage Sept 9 and 10 and then back to CA for dates in Ventura Fri Oct 11 at The Garage and down to LA again, this time it looks like we'll be at the Old Towne in Pasadena on Sat Oct 12. Well the release of Anybody Wanna Skate has generated a few rave reviews, the latest of which was from the iconic Maximum Rock and Roll 'zine which is now in the 21st century and is a totally online 'zine. Remember the days waiting for that next month's edition of MRR to come out in print so you can check out all the great and some not-so-great bands out there in the world? A cool honor to be among the very first of the new online reviews! Check it out here-

Check out some of our other recent reviews for Anybody Wanna Skate below -

We've gotten some great love from WMBR in Cambridge , MA, the MIT radio station along with much love from Rock and Roll Manifesto and Tommy Unit on Real Punk Radio, Thx Kim Olin at No Filter, Jef and his Megawatts Radio show in France, Jeff of The Future and his radio show on WITR in Rochester at RIT. What is about us and tech schools? Another shout to Arm Smith for spinning us on his Paranoid Squirrel Radio show. Thank you all for across the 32 countries that have been spinning us so far this year!! Spin us some more and spread the word!

See you out there!!! JM and D

Jonny Manak and The Depressives at Forager in San Jose, CA June 14, 2019

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