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Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Greetings all- we are currently working on songs for our 7th studio album. Yeah 7th. Wow. Expectation? Not sure yet. We're putting together as many songs as we can. Some we have messed around with before, some brand newbies. We are excited to be working on it once again at our very own garage studio Cup 'O Pizza. Neil will be at the controls again. AND if that's not enough, how abut our 8th album...we are set to record our next live show at The Ritz in San Jose on Nov 22 to be released as a live album. Thank you Corey O'Brien and his team at The Ritz for facilitating this and letting us run with it. We will be in support of OC skate/surf punk pioneers Agent Orange. We need you all to be there to make a bunch of noise!!! We are also looking at next year's shows right now which we are starting to book. We'll post them as they are confirmed.

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