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Back at It! New stuff, new line-up announcement soon!

Well, it's been what, almost 4 years now since we have been out there as a band? We're back and with a few great things happening behind the scenes that are going to make 2024 a very different year for JM and D. We had recorded most of a 17 song album 3 years ago that unfortunately was on a hard drive that died on us. After a lot of $$ paid to a data recovery firm, the universe did smile on us and it looks like everything is pretty much there. We are going to re-record some of the songs and it looks like a 7" vinyl record will be the first release of 2024. Our expectation is late summer release and on top of that we are going to be out there playing shows again. Good shows. Stay tuned, We will also be announcing a new line-up in April. Speaking of April, our first show back is going to at a great venue in Santa Cruz, CA known as Moe's Alley. We will be direct support for The Schizophonics (In band speak that means we will play right before them) Needless to say we are excited to come back out with a great show which is likely to be sold out. In the meantime, follow us on social media - @jonnymanakandthedepressives

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